2nd of June_The Sea and the Security & Safety

Day 2nd of June – 10:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. – CGD Auditorium

Organization: Autoridade Marítima, Força Aérea, GNR, IDD, Marinha e PWC

Security is one of the fundamental pillars for sustainable development and the growth of any country. When a nation has responsibility over a vast resource that, by action of waves and currents, is in constant motion, as in the case of the sea, the subject of security is greater importance. If we add the three-dimensional aspect of the maritime space, given by the seabed, water column, surface and airspace over the sea in a scenario of enlargement of global maritime borders, we realize the complexity of the subject.

In this context, to discuss aspects related to the protection of sovereignty in a growth scenario of maritime territories, tension/conflict between countries in some sea areas, maritime piracy and other maritime crime (…), migrations, and safety of life at sea (safety), the Navy, the Maritime Authority, the air force, the GNR, the IdD and the PwC, joined experts who will share experiences about the latest challenges facing maritime Nations.

The event will count with the presence of Dr. Nuno Rogeiro, reputed specialist in geopolitics and security and defence issues, as Key Note Speaker.


10:45 a.m. – Welcome

Key Note Speaker – Dr. Nuno Rogeiro – FREE SEA, OPEN SEA, CLOSED SEA, OUR SEA – To protect the national equation

Navy (Marinha) – CTEN Morais Chumbo
Maritime Authority (Autoridade Marítima) – CMG Dionísio Varela e CFR Ribeiro Ezequiel
Air Force (Força Aérea)– Coronel Duarte Gomes
Coastal Control Unit (GNR Unidade de Controlo Costeiro) – Coronel João Nascimento
IdD – Dr. Eduardo Filipe

Moderator– Dr. Miguel Marques – PwC

1:00 p.m. – Closing


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