Future Logistics and development challenges for Portuguese Ports

Let’s work together!

2nd of June – 9:00 a.m.-10:45 a.m. – CGD Auditorium

Organization: APP – Associação dos Portos de Portugal

In the current global economic context, all world ports seek to compete with distinct differentiation strategies. The announced alliance of the largest owners and operators worldwide; the economic growth of emerging countries; new forms of consumption; the increasing size of ships and the new communication technologies are now identified as some of the external factors impacting on the performance and activity of world ports. And the Portuguese ports will be prepared? How should the ports of Portugal meet these challenges? What strategies should follow? How can differentiate in the European context?

Are some of the issues that will form the starting point for a reflection on the future of national ports in a “round table” with renowned professionals from different sectors of the economy – from shipping to the food industry – promoted by the APP-Association of Portugal Harbours in partnership with AIP Foundation and High Patronage of the Ministry of the Sea.


Moderator: Eng.º  José Luis Cacho


Dr. João Amorim Faria, Diretor da CEREALIS Internacional Importação

Eng.º José Melo, Direção de Desenvolvimento Estratégico da Luis SIMÕES

Dr. Carlos Vasconcelos, Presidente do Conselho Adm. da MEDLOG  e Vice-Presidente da AGEPOR

Dr. Fernando Lima, Diretor Geral da TRANSITEX

Dr.ª Sandra Augusto, Diretora de Logística da AutoEUROPA

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