AIP Foundation and the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea will promote “Oceans Business Week”, a large business meeting of the Sea Economy.

This will be a space, and a single moment where  companies and organizations will reveal the importance of the sea and oceans in the balance of global ecosystems, the conservation and utilization of marine resources, management of continental shelves and international connectivity. The Ocean Business Week runs parallel to the Oceans Meeting.


2 June – 9:00 am – 07:00 pm

3 June – 9:00 am – 08:00 pm

4 June– 10:00 am- 06:00 pm


Free access to visit the exhibition

Free access to participate in conferences, subject to pre-registration


Exhibition of products and solutions

In Oceans Business Week companies and numerous organizations will exhibit their products and solutions, and create a business networking and a reflection space for the economy of the sea.

Products & Services Catalog

Conferences, Workshops and Seminars.

The business community, scientific, academic, political, institutional and civil society will have the opportunity to discuss the major themes of the ocean.


Research, Technology & Innovation

This will be also a large gathering between academic institutions, start-ups and R & D projects related to the maritime economy.

Meet all exhibitors

Participate in Oceans Business Week is a unique opportunity to actively show your products and services!


time left to Oceans Business Week 2016!

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OBW2016´s Targets

Increase the national GDP

Meet the challenges to the promotion, growth and competitiveness of the maritime economy by stimulating the increase of its share in the national GDP, with the consequent creation of more qualified employment and increasing national wealth.

The economy of the sea is 3% of GDP

Stimulate business ecosystem, entrepreneurship and employment

Disseminate good business practices and cooperation between national and international strategic players on the maritime economy, promoting the creation of networks for sharing knowledge, encouraging entrepreneurship and the creations of an interface between the various sectors related to the maritime economy, helping to create more companies and their connection to centers of learning.

Encourage research and development (R & D)

Promote the activities associated with the maritime economy, basing them on knowledge and innovation, promoting a more efficient use of resources and sustainability, where the research and development component should have a central instrumental role.

Attract investment and promote partnerships

Promote investment opportunities in various sectors of the Economy of the Sea, with special emphasis on attracting foreign investment and encouraging partnerships to gain critical mass and better meet the financial requirements, technical and technological projects related to the maritime economy.

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